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Lee Harrington has been taking pictures for most of his life, but only started letting his art be seen by the world at large in the past decade.  His passion comes in capturing the moments he encounters, from toy stores to gaming conventions, sex clubs to political protests, religious fervor to emotional turmoil. 

For more information on the multifaceted work of Lee Harrington, including work under his previous pen name Bridgett Harrington, visit PassionAndSoul.com.

Publications featuring Lee's Photography:

Libelous Passions
Poetry for the Masses
The Intimacy of Sacredness: A Journey towards the Divine
Hustler Magazine (article by Theresa "DarkLady" Reed, issue March 2006)
Dark Moon Rising: Pagan BDSM and the Ordeal Path by Raven Kaldera
Kink-E Magazine (issues 12 and 14)
Slit Magazine (issues 11 and 12)
Fetish Photo Anthology 5 edited by Jurgen Boedt
Shed Skins: Journeying in Self-Portraits by Lee Harrington
Numerous adult websites including Bondage.org, KnotNice.com, PetGirls.com, MenInPain.com and many others

Group and Solo Exhibits:

Midsummer's Nightmare- Portland, OR (July-August 2003)
DarkLady Garden Party- Portland, OR (August 16, 2003)
The Art of TNG- Purple Passion, NYC, NY (September- October 2003)
Exiles Folsom ForPlay Women's Erotic Art Show - Gallery Z, San Francisco, CA (September 26, 2003)
Seattle Erotic Art Festival - Seattle, WA (January 2004)
Alwun House Exotic Art Show - Alwun House, Phoenix, AZ (March 2004)
Explorers Erotic Art Ball - Portland, OR (March 2004)
Fetish Marathon Art Show- Purple Passion, NYC, NY (May-June 2004)
Surreal Porn Saturnalia Solo Show - Venom Studios, Portland, OR (December 2004)
Seattle Erotic Art Festival - Seattle, WA (February 2005)
Boston Fetish Flea Art Show (3rd Place Award) - Boston, MA (January 2006)
ArtSpace Sydney Leather Pride Art Show - Sydney, Australia (April 2006)
Who Has the Right? Dale Morris & Lee Harrington - Sugar Gallery, Portland, OR (April 2007)


Dyke And Trans 3-Artist Show - Femina Potens Gallery, SF, CA (September 2007)
Baltimore Erotic Arts Festival - Load of Fun, Baltimore, MD (July 2008)


Frequently Asked Questions

What do you look for in a model?

Attitude, unique beauty, and a look at that will reflect the project we are working on well.  I prefer models who have the ability to laugh at themselves and me, follow requests, show up on time to shoots, and a sense of playfulness even with serious situations.

Right now I am especially seeking models for the following art projects:

-Through the Blue Door: This series will be shot in my new space in Phoenix, AZ, and will encompass a wide variety of sensual, erotic, kinky, day-in-the-life, macro, and portrait images shot in and around that space.
-SurrealPorn: Clowns, Naked jugglers, Stripper mimes, Splosh, Furries, Plushies, Midgets, Giants, Amputees… toss me an idea and let’s talk about capturing your unique kink or beauty on film!  Sex acts not required in any way.
-RopeLover: Bondage, SM, Discipline… mostly seeking athletic Hispanic, Black or Asian men and a variety of physically flexible women (all sizes) at this time.  Individuals with experience in bondage and SM only, or sincere interest.
-In The Bathroom: I've started a personal series of friends, models, photographers, musicians and really anyone else- in their bathrooms.  Drunk, doing makeup, using the toilet, showering, playing guitars in the tub... whatever their bathroom does for them.
-Bears: I want to start a series of portraits of plus-sized men, especially “bears” in the gay community, as a black&white art series.
-Genital Portraits: From Silly to sensual, I have started an extended anonymous series of a variety of genital styles decorated with eye balls, flowers, food, body paint, jewelry, and more... I am always looking for more models, especially individuals with diverse genital styles.

Do you pay your models?

Models receive digital copies of all images shot to use for their personal websites and projects (with permission), plus access to at-cost prints.

I do hire models for specific projects when contracted by outside producers, and usually only hire for those projects from models who I have worked with before and/or know are highly reliable.

What kind of work can you be hired for as a photographer?

I have been hired in recent times for everything from portraiture work of children to shooting images of women in erotic situations, have been commissioned for some images of miniature figurines to fashion photography work for a couture clothing line.  I enjoy a variety of work, and am also happy to travel to keep working behind and in front of the lens. 

Have an idea?  Drop me a line and we’ll talk.  Prices vary depending on content, whether models need to be hired, travel requirements, prop purchasing, etc.

Who are your inspirations?

Where to begin?  The longest-running photography inspirations have included Man Ray, Steve McCurry, and Charles Gatewood.  In recent times I have been greatly effected by the works of “Albert and Christine”, Tony Lee, Christine Kessler, James Mogul, Catherine Opie, Anna & Barney, Tee A. Corrine, Steve Diet Geodde, Julianna Freehand, Housk Randall, Michael Rosen and Natascha Merritt.

However, I am far more inspired by the people and places around me than the photographers who came before (though their influence was impressive).  Catholic kitsch, historical monuments, role playing games, the fetish community, friends and lovers, the queer scene, landscapes and cityscapes have all had an undeniable effect on my artwork.  As has growing up in the internet generation (I programmed my first code at age 3), living all over the world, being a geek, a sex educator, and a powerfully spiritual person.

How did you get started doing photography? My first serious photography tutor was a guy named Paul Dudley, aka “Moose Lips”, who taught me that messing up your film may feel like the end of the day but you can survive to shoot another roll, that landscapes and smiles can both warm your heart, and that slide film has a charm that no other film can embrace.  I was in elementary school at the time, and stole my mother’s OM2- and have yet to return it.

I was infected with the bug, and didn’t want to be cured, having been published my first time a year later.  I poured my spare pennies into developing my color film, got access to my various schools b&w dark rooms… and somehow snuck it in as an avid hobby between theatre, poetry, the school newspaper, math competitions, and all kinds of other art. 

At 12 I went to a gallery show that hit me like a bullet to my belly.  No idea who it was… but the concept stuck.  An artist’s life retrospective, showing the sketches he did when he was 3, to the sketches he did in his 80s.  I decided to do the same with me life as an erotic human being… and that, combined with a creative infatuation with my own foot, began my start doing self-portraiture.  Digital photography was only around the corner, and when I got my first digital camera (a Fujifilm 2600), I was on my way- not just shooting more self-portraits, but doing a wide variety of work for the internet from starting up my own adult-oriented site, to creating projects for other folks’ sites.  I have recently branched out into doing gallery shows of my work, being hired for a variety of projects on commission, and collaborating with a few models on artistic series

What kind of cameras/film do you use?  Computer equipment?

For film, I’m mostly using my Canon Rebel X right now, but once in a while pull out the OM2.  Over 95% of my work right now however is digital, and is being shot on an Olympus 5050 and a Canon 10D, with the occasional project shot for stealth on Sony CyberShot with a Zeiss lens.  I edit on an Acer Aspire 9410Z laptop, using Adobe Photoshop CS.  I try to edit my digital images as little as possible… what you see is what was there.  I try to let the image speak for itself without over-embellishing. 


All models of any explicit imagery are 18 and Older  - Title 18
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