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Details of Life... A world within a world and a world devised from our imagination.  Surely our own creative mind and recreated existences show us not only what we believe in, but hope to achieve.  Look closer, closer still, look closer and see what is hidden there.  Close your eyes and see what the details of life show us.


Years back I became obsessed with macro images, when I first turned over a log on the beach and found a tide pool hidden underneath.  Here, a cosmos existed hidden from view, existing without need of our huge world, our "all important" world.  I began to watch things with an eye for the macro, the details... and this obsession spread to the details that were to be found in larger images- the one thing out of place.   Sit down amongst Lego figures, get down on your knees and look from a dog's eye view, peer out at the world from the perspective of a hummingbird or a miniature figurine.  Get out of your human shoes, take a moment and think what it looks like from the perspective of a moth, a skeleton figurine, a flower, a high heel shoe...


All models of any explicit imagery are 18 and Older  - Title 18
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