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Self-Portraits... the narcissistic habit of capturing the self as only the self can see itself.  In approximate reverse chronological order.  The journey from 1998-2009 can be found in my new book "Shed Skins: Journeying in Self-Portaits." 

When I was 12 years old I went to a gallery show of an artist whose name has vanished off into my memory, a gallery show that featured a gentelmen's artistic career from the time he was 4 years old, to when he was in his 70s.  It affected me profoundly as a young artist, as it somehow clicked in my head then that I should record or have recorded my sexual life from birth to death.  This I have attempted to do in my art... with I as my own canvas for this grand project.  Self-portraiture is one form this project has manifested in... one that I have found deeply challenging yet incredibly satisfying.  As a photophiliac, when I am alone with my camera I can indulge in my narcissistic tendencies and not worry about this desire to be in front of the lens... to allow myself creative license as well as the ability to be stern yet sweet with my model... with myself.  To let me show my masks to the lens and in doing so teach myself how to remove them when the time is right.

As hard as it has been some times, I have continued this project through my gender transition, my journey from Bridgett to Brian to Bridgett to Lee to wherever the journey will take me next.

All models of any explicit imagery are 18 and Older  - Title 18
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